Burren Woodland Project is a non-profit organisation dedicated to tree implantation and environment protection. They deals with problems like Climate change, depletion of natural resources and destruction of the environment.



The client approached us to design a modern yet clean website that also has the essence of nature. Moreover, they wanted us to bring more clarity and readability to the content on their website. So, visitors on the website can easily understand their website and take inspiration from their work to join them in their mission.


To meet the requirements of the client, we created a sleek website with a touch of environment. Above the fold, the area has a beautiful video that soothes every eye. All separate pages have ample hero space with elegant nature’s illustration and a transparent header to bring environmental texture. We’ve successfully brought clarity and readability to the content throughout the website. Implemented photo sliders to showcase their reserve, and designed contact forms to help users get in touch with them quickly.


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