RFS Renovations is a UK based limited company providing services to the people for house renovation, construction and maintenance with a combined 20 years experience of tradespeople with wide-ranging skills set.



RFS Renovations contacted us to design a website that would have a beautiful homepage with detailed information about their business. Their need was to build a website having header and navigation to be organized and smooth for user experience. Plus, they wanted to showcase their past projects on the site in the best possible way. So users can get an idea about how good they’re in doing their business.


Having the needs in mind, we designed an elegant website with a header keeping all the useful menus and contact details organized perfectly. To display RFS Renovations services at best, we created a slider on the hero section with quality images. For displaying their past projects, we designed a project archive with a project search and filter option. Also, their “How We Work” page has a timeline design to display their work process at best. Key technologies we use to design the RFS Renovations website are WordPress as a content management system and Divi as a WordPress theme.

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