MASC Medical is a Recruitment Firm, who provide physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner and dentist with nationwide staffing and recruiting services.



MASC Medical contacted Elicus Technologies knowing they needed a fresh, modern, and easy-to-navigate web design. Along with the designs, The flow of the website was on priority as a user should never feel lost and helpless while visiting the website. Nowadays A website’s story is not limited to one device so It was also important to provide an optimal viewing experience.


The new WordPress site, responsively designed, now creates an exciting presence that appeals to customers and strengthens brand identity. Right at the top of the site is a contact form, immediately establishing communication between client and visitors. The new design also features widgets with stylish icons that highlight medical services. The sub-pages are being used to provide relevant information and the HubSpot Blogging feature is serving as a tool for building the firm’s trust.


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