YSO Europe is an e-Commerce platform based in the United Kingdom. It mainly deals with importing products such as Spices, Oil Seeds, Pulses, Soft Drinks, Dates, Cosmetics, and Garments to the independent UK & European Cash & Carry outlets.



YSO Europe wanted us to create a digital store that can showcase a variety of products without losing the necessary details about them. They needed to display featured products as well as wholesale deals on the website. They also wanted a website where users can easily contact them for the purchase of wholesale products. Apart from these requirements, their query was clear about showcasing adequate information about their business to the site’s visitors.


To meet the requirements of the client, we created an e-commerce website using the in-house developed Divi Cart child theme. For security purposes of the digital store, we used WordPress as a content management system, fulfilling the safe and secure motto. The designed website is capable of adding multiple products with the required information. On top of the homepage, we’ve added a CTA. So, users can quickly contact them without wasting time. The webpages we designed got multiple sections, where the client can easily add featured and wholesale products without any hassle. Thus, meeting all the client requirements.


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