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Get to Know the Experts Driving the Technology Empowering Over 100000 Websites.

Our passion for WordPress has driven us to create our own line of innovative products specifically designed to empower WordPress users. With years of experience under our belt, we’ve poured our knowledge and expertise into developing high-quality products that help users take their WordPress websites to the next level. From powerful plugins to stunning child themes, our products are crafted to provide the utmost value and functionality to our customers.

A complete team with
wide range of proficiency

Top Notch Experts

Elicus Technologies’ team is an expert in programming and implementing APIs. Our in-depth research is focused on all aspects of technologies. Our many years of experience make us particularly strong at WordPress CMS & its tools.

Outstanding Quality

We believe quality is not an act; it’s a habit. We give great importance to quality no matter what is the size and scope of the project. We follow the industry’s best practices in every project.

Great Academics

Elicus Technologies’ team members have master’s degrees in Computer Science. We have attended world-class seminars to gather invaluable experience that allows us to stay up to date with different scenarios.



Mohammad Shoeb

Marshall is the creative head at Elicus and works with the team to bring ideas to life with a strong focus on quality.

Mohammed Arif

Arif is Development Head at Elicus and has over 13 years of experience in the WordPress development industry.

Ankur Khurana

Head of Product Engineering
Ankur enjoys anything competitive. He is passionate about learning new things and traveling to new places.

Karan Kumar

Product Design Engineer
Karan loves making the web beautiful with his keen eyes toward design.

Lokesh Mangyani

Product Manager
Lokesh has great business and marketing knowledge. He can multitask and render high quality client satisfaction.

Fatima Khan

HR Executive
Hiring talented people and in order to build a rewarding employee experience.

Poonam Saini

Web Engineer
Poonam is having great experience on WordPress. A keen eye developer who updates her knowledge with time steps.

Divya Rawat

Frontend Engineer
Divya is a WordPress theme Wizard at Elicus. She loves bringing ideas to life.
Garvit Sharma

Garvit Sharma

Frontend Engineer
Having great experience and knowledge of frontend technologies, keen to find new things and loves traveling to new places.

Girish Saini

Frontend Engineer
A frontend web developer with great experience, skilled in WordPress. Self-driven, a quick learner, and a great listener that makes me an excellent asset to the team.

Syed Mohammed Saqib

Graphics Designer
Saqib successfully manages and coordinates UI Design and Front-end projects from concept through completion. Effectively build, motivate, and direct design.

Ayush Kavia

Jr. Web Engineer
Ayush can be defined as a Jack of all trades and he is keen to make himself a master of all. He Loves to triumph against the challenges thrown at him with utter dedication and confidence.

Kavita Gupta

Customer Support Engineer
Keen to uncover new things & relish to represent them in words.

Shubham Paliwal

Customer Support Engineer
An Experienced Support lead with a can do attitude and a continuous aim to boost the customer retention for the organization.

Jagmohan Vyas

Technical Content Writer
I am a curious learner who is ready to break down and simplify things to make them easily understandable to the end user. My main motive is to deliver easy to grab solutions in a user-friendly manner.

Fahad Ahmed

Web Designer
I am a Web designer Looking forward to generate new wonderful design ideas to make the web elements look more visually appealing.

Purvi Dadli

Web Engineer Intern
Eager to tackle new challenges and learn cutting-edge technologies along the way. I believe in the power of collaboration.

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