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Elicus was founded in 2015. The mission of Elicus is to build a place where people with creative and unique ideas can work together as a team. The passion of Elicusaites made us unique from others. We offer simply the best collaborative work environment, with a positive atmosphere.

We believe the best team can deliver the best product so we actively seek a candidate who is passionate about their work. Whether we’re doing innovative work for clients, or bringing our own ideas to life, Elicus has never done normal.

We listen, We’re open to all, We believe in what we do. And the most exciting thing?
We’re hiring.

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Web Engineer

Location: Jaipur, India
Creation Date: 18 June 2022
We’re looking for a talented programmer Web Engineer to join Elicus Technologies Pvt. Ltd. This role requires someone with solid knowledge of PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, and other web development technologies.

Frontend Web Engineer

Location: Jaipur, India
Creation Date: 18 June 2022
Frontend web engineer with strong interests and capabilities in creating engaging user experiences. The ideal candidate should have keen eyes with designing. Strong knowledge of Photoshop, HTML, CSS, and jQuery is required.

Content Writer

Location: Jaipur, India
Creation Date: 21 June 2022
We’re looking for an experienced technical content writer with good knowledge of WordPress themes and plugins. Understanding of common terms related to website eco-system is essential along with a basic understanding of SEO methodologies.

HR Executive

Location: Jaipur, India
Creation Date: 01 June 2022
We are looking for an HR executive to oversee all aspects of human resources practices and processes. To perform well in this role you should have experience as an HR executive, or other senior roles in the HR team, and knowledge of all legal requirements in this role.

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