Secure Equity Partners is a real estate business company based in the United States that offers its services in multiple countries of North America. It’s a well-established company in the market and has been featured in various media outlets. Such as USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Fox, CBS News and many more.

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Secure Equity Partners contacted us to create an online presence of their business, having a clear and user-friendly design. Their query also wanted us to come up with something that can help visitors input property addresses correct with surety, and can also help the client to evaluate property value. In addition to these, the client required on their website a property listing menu where visitors can easily look up the properties that are for sale or under an offer. Wanted us to showcase comparison with other realtors, display the logos of famous media houses appropriately, one’s they got featured in, and a pop up for leads.


According to the client’s needs, we designed a neat website for their business using WordPress as the content management system and Divi as the WordPress theme. Used property listing plugin for easy property search. And Bloom plugin with the integration of Mailchimp to help the client grow their email marketing list. Under the hero section, we’ve nicely placed the high-quality logos of media houses. On the homepage, we have added a table to showcase the comparison. And for the property address validation, we implemented Google Map in the property address input field, which upon entering the address, takes users to the next page where they can see a map highlighting their house area. It helps them verify their property, and also the client to evaluate the right value of the property.


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