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5 plugins for Divi that will make big differences on your website

There are hundreds of the best Divi plugins out there in the WordPress plugin market, where out many of them installed on your CMS. Even though your website still lacking some quality.

Plus those are installed on your website server not making any great difference. It is possible that you are using the top-performing plugin. However, it’s a contingency that you’re not using all the best plugins that bring magnificent difference on your website for good. In most cases, you’re looking for those plugins that can do well on your website, which plugins you already have could not.

Hence, in this article, we are going to cover 5 Divi plugins that can bring changes to your website’s performance, functionality, and beauty for real. Furthermore, these plugins support the Divi theme, Extra, and Divi Builders.

Divi Blog Extras

When creating a blog in the Divi theme with its default Divi blog module, the user only has two blog layouts option to make changes in the layout of the blog template. There’s no other scope to bring or show creativity in it. However, fortunately, because of the hard work is done by developers of WordPress and Divi around the world, now we can. To bring more functionality and performance in WordPress, they design splendid plugins, and Divi Blog Extras is one of them. This plugin for Divi can bring creativity to your Divi blog template with no coding skills at all.

Divi Blog Extras is a Divi plugin that helps you showcase your post in a much stylish way. With the help of this plugin, you can tweak the blog in 6 different ways. That are Grid Extended, Full Width, Box Extended, Block Extended, Full-Width Background, and Classic. Apart from multiple Divi blog layout options, it also supports category, tag, author, and date.

With these additional options, it allows the user to show an advanced sidebar widget; to display additional posts with multiple customization. Above all, this Divi plugin is mobile friendly. So, what blog layout option you would choose, it will work fine in the mobile zone.

Go and see the demo of this plugin.


Divi Blurb Extended

It is nice to create Divi Blurbs that adds extra beauty to our website’s pages, and most users use it quite often. But this native feature of Divi, too, comes with limitations. Also, to bring changes in it and use it efficiently, users have to carry out multiple time taking tasks. And nobody likes that, therefore, Divi Blurb Extended comes as a solution for Divi Blurb Module.

With 5 Divi blurb layouts, you can show the content in a much promising and creative way. Divi Blurb Extended plugin comes with Classic, Flipbox, Easebox, Border Box, and Image Card layout. Unlike, Divi’s native blurb-where user has to put button also to display more information about the content-this plugin comes with pre-built read more button. No, hassles.

Using this plugin, you can place icons on the right side. And with that, you can shape icons into the new Circle and Hexagon style. Customize your Divi blurbs with a background image, Divi blurb hover effects, or color variations for a more captivating website.

Go and check out the demo now.

Divi Post Extended

Posting articles in various styles is impressive than posting them as basic and with single blog post layout. But with this Divi Blog Post layout plugin you can do better. This plugin is designed to bring more beauty in Divi Blog post template. It not only adds to the appearance of the post, but it improves the appearance of the specific content on the post.

Divi Post Extended plugin comes with 3 Divi Blog Post layouts. Stellar, Classic and Prime, which users can apply to selected or on each post.  It supports the post format and also provides an estimated read time an extra feature for your blog post.

Divi 404 Extended

It’s less likely that a website never hit a 404 error page on its links. Maybe it is because the user hit an expired link or mistyped some. Whatever, the case, your site would show a 404 error. And as the site turns bigger with time, it’s very hard to update all these expired links and non-existent pages.

Fortunately, with many options, you can handle this problem. Like, redirecting pages to the homepage or design a Divi custom 404 page by yourself. Moreover, these options are not as great as they seem because they take time. Where redirecting all the broken links to the homepage, would in return make your homepage a 404 in the knowledge of Google.

However, there’s another solution, a much promising and less time taking. Divi 404 Extended plugin , which won’t only stop visitors to exit your site, but you will attract them to navigate more. This Divi 404 page builder plugin comes with 10 pre-built custom Divi 404 page layouts. So, you can use it efficiently, which enhances the quality of your site and user experience.

Divi Testimonial Extended

Testimonials are a great way to show your visitors what good services you’re providing to the clients by displaying their reviews. In this way, you build trust in them, and they’re most likely to take your services. Therefore, the Divi theme offers a module called Testimonial, but this module is very basic. So, we will talk about a better Divi Testimonials plugin that would change your perspective about showing testimonials.

Divi Testimonial Extended is a modern Divi testimonials slider plugin to showcase testimonials of clients in a much attractive way. It supports the Divi theme, Extra, and both Divi builders. With Divi Testimonial Extended, you get 3 Divi Testimonial layout options with multiple customization for the testimonials. Using this plugin, you can customize the background image and color of the content.

All the layouts are mobile-friendly. Plus, this testimonial rotator plugin comes with a star rating schema. So, when a client gives you a star, it would show on the page, which helps search engines to rank your site better.

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