Benefits of Envato elements for WordPress business

Jun 28, 2024 | Business, WordPress

Envato Elements: Why It Is Good for Your WordPress Business

Managing a WordPress business can be overwhelming due to the time and costs involved. The tasks seem endless, from crafting a website to optimizing it for SEO and running marketing campaigns to promote your products. 

For many small businesses, finding ways to grow while keeping costs in check is always a priority. 

Platforms like Envato Elements offer millions of top-notch resources, making it simpler to run and expand a WordPress business. It stands out as an all-in-one subscription service featuring a collection of more than 19 million assets. The assets range from templates, photos, graphics, stock videos, WordPress themes, and more.

In this article, we will cover why Envato Elements is good for your WordPress Business.

12 Reasons Why You Should Use Envato Elements

The following 12 reasons make Envato Elements a strong ally when you need to finish good WordPress projects. You can use not only WordPress but also its assets to market your business.

All right, let’s look at them.

1. Extensive Library of Assets

Envato elements creative assets

Envato Elements boasts a repository of over 19 million assets that include:

In addition to this extensive collection, the platform offers many other creative collections that can help businesses easily find the right resource for their needs.

2. Cost-effective

One of the standout advantages of Envato Elements is its affordability.

The platform operates on a subscription basis, where users pay a monthly or yearly fee for access to the vast library. Users are able to download or store any assets they need. By following a subscription model, businesses avoid the need to make payments for each asset.

For example, if a business is conducting a marketing campaign, it might need videos and stock photos. Envato Elements saves them from having to buy videos and stock images separately. 

3. Quality Content

If there’s no quality, there’s no engagement. That’s why a professional team vets assets for quality and suitability. 

Reason to choose elements of Envato

Every asset undergoes a strict review process. It should meet a certain degree of quality before being available for download on the platform. The general criteria for approval are:

  • Presentation: The product should maintain a good approach to present itself well. It includes aesthetics, cover images, previews, and demos.
  • Information and Metadata: Use of optimized titles, tags, and descriptions. Clear and well written, easy to understand.
  • Technical Requirements: The product must work properly and cause no negative effects.
  • Legal Requirements: It shouldn’t be against Envato’s community standards.

This ensures authenticity on the platform on which businesses can rely. It allows businesses to access high-quality assets, including premium stock content and professionally designed templates.

4. Unlimited Downloads

Envato Elements enables users to download an unlimited number of assets during their subscription period. This allows users to use a wide range of assets with no extra charges.

5.  Envato Elements Plugin for WordPress

One feature of Envato Elements for businesses is its plugin. 

Envato elements plugin for WordPress

The platform’s Plugin allows WordPress businesses to easily browse and import assets like WordPress themes, images, and templates to their site. This has been a game changer for businesses, making it much simpler to use the platform.

6. Time-Saving

By having access to assets and templates that are ready for use, businesses can save time on their projects and allocate that time to other tasks.

Moreover, the assets or templates available on the platform can act as a base or starting point for multimedia projects in businesses, saving them time from starting from scratch.

7. Regular Updates

Envato Elements regularly updates its extensive library with new content to keep up with trends and demands. This allows businesses to access the latest resources, styles, and designs. 

Businesses with creative projects will find regular updates useful in keeping their projects engaging and up-to-date.

8. Versatility

It offers assets catering to needs across different categories, like graphic design, web design, marketing and video production. 

Variety of products on Envato

For example, if a company is thinking about updating its website design, there are plenty of resources on the platform, like templates, to help them achieve their goals. It’s a resource for companies working on numerous kinds of projects. 

9. Licensing Convenience

Another advantage of Envato Elements is its license convenience. 

The platform licensing structure is straightforward and suitable for businesses. A wide range of assets available on the platform is covered by a single commercial license and serves different use cases. The license structure eliminates the hassles of tracking licenses for every asset. 

This makes it easier for businesses to use assets to develop many projects without worrying about copyright infringement and legal implications.

10. No Hidden Costs

Subscribe for unlimited access to their extensive library. 

Besides a subscription fee, the platform does not charge any additional fees. This implies that businesses on a tight budget would not expect any extra charges when utilizing the platform.

11. Easy Search and Browsing

Another great advantage of this platform is the ease of locating specific assets. Through the powerful search and filtering tools, you’ll never feel behind. They enable you to make the most of the platform and use resources that match your requirements immensely.

Search and filter options on Envato Elements

Businesses can explore content by popularity, keywords, or category.

Thus, it is it is a platform worth exploring without ever getting confused. If you know what you need, you can easily find it.

12. Collaborative Tools

It has a unique plan that offers collaborative tools and features for businesses.

Facilitating collaboration among teams can help businesses enjoy seamless project coordination and improved productivity. With a single subscription, many team members can access and simultaneously work on a project.

This eliminates the need for individual licenses, promoting efficient workflow.


Despite the advantages of Envato Elements for businesses, it’s essential to consider its drawbacks:

  • Non-Exclusive Content: Since the platform operates on a subscription model, the content is not exclusive to users. This means that others may also use the same resources for their projects.
  • Limited Licensing: While most assets on the platform come with commercial licensing options, some assets, like audio, may have restricted licensing or require additional permissions for specific uses.
  • Quality Variability: The quality of assets available on Envato Elements varies. While there are high-quality resources on the platform, the library may also have less polished or outdated assets.
  • Dependency on Subscription: Access to the platform’s assets relies on maintaining a subscription. If you decide to end your subscription, you’ll no longer have access to any downloaded content, which could pose difficulties if that content is being used in projects.
  • No Refunds: Refunds are not available with Envato Elements subscriptions. Unsatisfied customers or those who forget to cancel before the renewal won’t receive a refund. However, subscribers can opt-out at any time to avoid future charges.


Envato Elements has four distinct pricing plans:

Pricing plans of Envato
  • Student plan (costs $11.50 per month): Designed for educators and students in accredited institutions but requires using specific education email domains like .edu, .ac, .sch, .school.
  • Individual plan (costs $16.50 per month): The individual plan supports millions of creative assets, a simple commercial license, and unlimited downloads.
  • Teams plan (costs $29 for two members, $37.25 for three members, $45.50 for four members, $53.75 for five members): The team’s plan features everything in the individual plan. It supports changing members at any time and a central location for downloads.
  • Enterprise (Request custom quote): The enterprise plan is suitable for businesses and organizations with over 6 team members. It offers customized licensing, dedicated account management, tailored indemnification, and the ability to add numerous members.


Envato Elements is a smart choice for businesses that regularly use stock photos, videos, web templates, etc., for one project or the other. The platform provides unlimited access to vast resources for only a monthly fee. Its high-quality content, affordability, ease of use, fresh content, and simple licensing make it a great investment for creatives and businesses.

Whether you are starting out or already an established professional, this platform has everything you need to thrive. It has all the means to finish a WordPress project efficiently.

Furthermore, you don’t have to spend time creating something from scratch.

With pre-built assets, it will be effective for you to be productive and deliver the work on time. Thus, if you are looking to boost the outcome of your efforts, Envato Elements can be the catalyst.

Give it a try, and let us know your experience in the comments. If you have used it already, what did you like the most?

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