Style Your Website with Divi Category and Blog Layout by “Divi Extended”

Divi is one of the most popular WordPress theme today which provides a page builder that makes creating a website like never before experience. However, the blog module of Divi has only two design options for the category pages. Thus if someone is creating a website where the focus is on the blog and categories along with rest of the site, there comes a little disappointment because of the limitation on the Divi blog layout.

To overcome this limitation on the Divi category layout, we have created a marketplace under name of “Divi Extended”. Here we’re pleased to announce our first WordPress Divi Plugin that hooks into native Divi Themes modules and we call it “Divi Blog Extras”.

What Divi Blog Extras does it get attached to the Divi blog modules upon installation and can be used like any other module in Divi library to build a nice category page.

Currently, we are launching the Divi blog module with 3 layouts and will increase the number of layouts in coming releases. More Divi blog module layouts will be added in coming versions.

Here are some screenshots for the Divi plugin which shows the admin interface, available option and how it fits in the native modules of Divi.

Divi Blog Layout Box Extended

Divi Blog Layout Grid Extended

Divi Blog Layout Fullwidth

About Ankur Khurana
Ankur is Lead Web Engineer at Elicus and has over 3+ years experience in the development industry. He is passionate about WordPress. Follow him on Facebook Ankur Khurana.


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