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Mar 7, 2024 | Business

2023 in Review: Celebrating Creativity and Growth at Elicus

2023 was a remarkable year for Elicus with new beginnings, amazing growth, and impressive contributions to the WordPress community. We not only enjoyed the pleasure of getting a new wonderful work environment but also welcomed new amazing talents to our team. We enjoyed WordPress Events throughout the year to make an innovative connection with the WordPress community.

Let’s recall all the unforgettable moments, events, and experiences we had in 2023.

New Work Space Filled with Creativity

We expanded our vision by moving to a new office with a fresh environment and creative ideas. The new workplace can be seen as an innovative approach to nurture the hard work and dedication of our team. We see it as a place where creativity meets technology to bring amazing ideas to life.

Elicus Office

Welcoming New Faces to Elicus – Let’s Meet Them!

In 2023 our team expanded with some fresh new talented faces having diverse skills. The new talents added more innovative and productive value to the workforce with a commitment to achieve new innovative heights.

Fatima Khan

HR Manager
Fatima joined our team of human resources with extensive experience in talent acquisition and employee management, helping to keep Elicus a happy work place.

Himanshu Dhakan

Web Engineer
Himanshu works on the technical side of WordPress knowing a lot about PHP, MySQL, and WordPress APIs, which help make websites run smoothly.

Seema Sharma

Web Design Intern
Seema, our ambitious intern, is excited to learn about WordPress design and technology.

Fahad Ahmed

Web Designer
Fahad is our Web Designer and also an expert in Elementor. His new and smart designs, along with his focus on making easy to use products, will contribute significantly to our projects.

Zuber Khan

Web Design Intern
Zuber is our another bright intern. He joined our team with a keen interest in website design, to learn and try new things!

Kajal Purohit

Digital Marketing Intern
Kajal steps into digital marketing with us as an intern with lots of new ideas, and vast knowledge about latest digital trends.

Jagmohan Vyas

Content Writer
Jagmohan writes technical content for us. He is skilled at storytelling and creating content. His work will make our website better and help people understand complex topics.

Jaydip Nimavat

Senior Web Engineer
Jaydip is expertised in development with finding new ways to solve tricky technical problems. His innovative ideas help us make our technology even better, which further helps delivering our customers the best solutions.

Jitendra Kumar

Web Engineer
As a developer, Jitendra focuses on working with WordPress backend. His coding skills and talent will significantly boost our product offerings and client satisfaction.

Launched WPMozo.com – A Dedicated Platform for WordPress and Woo Products

In July 2023, we launched our store WPMozo, one-stop destination for intuitive WordPress plugins! Our tools are tailored to simplify website and WooCommerce store creation, while allowing you extend the functionality and make it more user-friendly. It also helps you create an online presence that people will remember.

WPMozo Addons for Elementor

The WPMozo Addons for Elementor plugin offers many different widgets for Elementor, allowing you to quickly build stunning websites with customizable designs.

WPMozo Wishlist for WooCommerce

Customers can use wishlists with WPMozo Wishlist for WooCommerce to save products they want to buy later, which help store owners in conversions.

WPMozo Variation Swatches for Woo

WPMozo Variation Swatches for WooCommerce offers you the ability to add variation on your WooCommerce Store.

WPMozo Checkout Manager for WooCommerce

WPMozo Checkout Manager for WooCommerce simplifies the checkout process on a WooCommerce store.

WPMozo Product Carousel for WooCommerce

This plugin used to display woo products in form of carousel. It offers two layouts with multiple customisation options.

WPMozo Tab Manager for Woo

On the WooCommerce product page, it offers enable or disable the existing product tabs or adding new tabs.

Released Two New Divi Products on DiviExtended.com

All In One Carousel for Divi

All In One Carousel for Divi, you can effortlessly customise and showcase content in carousels for various purposes including blogs, images, team profiles, testimonials, and portfolios.

Pricing Table Layouts for Divi

Pricing Table has 80 awesome layouts for your Divi website. Display product features and service details clearly and attractively, making it easy for customers to understand what you offer.


We’re overjoyed to have earned the trust of over 200,000 websites! Thank you for believing in us, and we’re excited to continue growing with your support!

Last year was a big step for us. We submitted our plugin, WPMozo Product Carousel for WooCommerce, to the WordPress repository. Now, it’s easily available for free here.

It’s been an incredible journey and we’re happy to share this milestone with you!

Updates in 2023

We’ve brought you 21 plugin updates and introduced 31 new features to make your experience better than ever.

Additionally, we’ve introduced 10 new modules to our existing Divi Plugins. Plus, added 1000+ layouts in our various layout packs for more design options.

Our development team also addressed 26 fixes and implemented 13 improvements for a smoother user experience.

We’re proud to have achieved over 30,000 sales on the Divi Marketplace.

Contributing to the WordPress Community

This year, Elicus participated in WordCamps in Bangalore, Bhopal, Mumbai, Udaipur, and Ahmedabad. These events helped us meet fellow WordPress users and improve WordPress for everyone. We’re thankful for exchanging ideas, learn, and help WordPress grow.

WordCamp Bangalore

WordCamp Bhopal

WordCamp Mumbai

WordCamp Udaipur

WordCamp Ahmedabad


As we look back on what we’ve accomplished in 2023, we see how far we’ve come. With a new office, more people in our team, new products, and we’re contributing to the community more. We’re excited for what’s ahead. Let’s keep moving forward and making a difference in the WordPress community!

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